miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

Baby steps

Ordenando mis documentos me encontré con un archivo que escribí hace uno meses, se me había olvidado que estaba ahí. En esos días me era más fácil expresarme en inglés:
Baby steps

Lately I’ve been really stuck in life. I haven’t been able to go out much or keep my simple plans standing, but I feel like changing that.

So yesterday I started with a walk through the streets of the neighborhood, telling my B the stories of those streets, showing her my old schools. I really love to walk and talk to her…

My second step will be taking her out. Waffles maybe?

(English is easier for me lately).

March 23, 2008

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marga dijo...

sometimes things sound better in english


specially those that were originally written in english


Srta. Russ dijo...

jaja, very true Marga! most of the time things get lost in translation :)

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