domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

Smoke, books, weird mood

I've been smoking lately, I know it's a terrible habit.
I like the way my head feels with the smoke, how I get a bit dizzy if I suck too much, I like how that strong orange burns the paper, I hate the smell, though. Also how my head feels with the smoke, and how dizzy I feel if I suck too much...

I've been reading lately. Bárbara had a wonderful idea for gifts... she photocopied many interesting books about feminism and gender theory. And also Fried Green Tomatoes by Fannie Flagg, Nightwood by Djuna Barnes and Orlando by Virgina Wolf... the last two were books I was really eager to read since ages!. It's like a dream come true :).

I started with FGT and it was a very nice book to read, light, with some insight that sound a bit old from time to time. I liked how the story was told, it was fresh, intimate. There were some parts that seemed too poetic in the context of book... but overall was fun to read.

Now I'm reading Orlando... oh, how I wanted to read this book! and so far it's a beautiful piece, I can't have enough of it!

Also I've been reading The Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde, a lovely gift Gabby and Irene sent (I can't thank you enough! really). There's something about that book that thrills me. I have to go slow with it because it transports me, moves things inside... even before I started it, the only fact of having it with me, made a wave of emotions rush to my chest... it's really amazing.

And before closing this post, I guess I should say Feliz Navidad and Feliz Año Nuevo! I hope this year is a good one for everyone, maybe I'll make a list of things that happened this year. I'm sure it will be very short!

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marga dijo...

You should write in english more frecquently, I like it!
I just detected an error in the first title: it's 'Fried' Green Tomatoes, not Friend ;-)
Vero loves that novel

Srta. Russ dijo...

Thank you Marga, it's been corrected now :).
I like writing in english, specially when it's hard to express myself in spanish :).

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