lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009


Sometimes in gardens, flowers, plants and even trees appear seemly out of nowhere. Of course we know all about pollination and how some flowers and plants attracts a little bird or insect that carries pollen to help them reproduce. Sometimes a bird will bring a seed to a land and, if the land is good, it might help a plant to grow there... I'm not really an expert on this, that's why my version might be a bit 'novelistic' and simple. But the point is not at all about plants, flowers and trees... it's about how they seem to appear out of nowhere, and obviously goes even further, to a more difficult land; my own emotional world.

My mom and grandmother found a very strange tree a few years ago, they call it chirimoyo (that's a custard apple tree (:) and my mom, who really likes to write stories in her head about things, thinks a bird or even my dad (who throws pips and pits to the garden after eating fruit) brought it to our garden. Either way, there it is the chirimoyo growing everyday in a slow pace.

And I can't help to make a parallel with my own emotional world (oh yes, I am that self centered); once that a little pit falls into the fertile land that is a chest (protected by thick walls of reason and detachment) there's nothing else to do. You water it, you fertilize it, without even knowing your doing it, until one day that chirimoyo is there with big green leafs, strong and healthy, and you just have to watch it and be surprised that, even against the odds, it lives there in your garden.